Mr PC  Biography

Pierangelo “MrPC” started to play bass at the age of 14. Being non-prejudiced against any musical style, he gained experience on all styles.

Moving to the USA, he started studying at the Bass Institute of Technology of Los Angeles.

He worked with Gary Willis, Jeff Berlin, Scott Henderson among others. That was a really great experience and at the end he gradueted with Honors and Vocational, which is the highest degree of the Musicians Institute and with 1st prize for Outstanding Bass Player of the Year.


In USA, MrPC has played with the pop band Perfect World and jazzfusion band Loogaroo.

Back in Europe, he went on tour with the Broadway Company of New York. And for two years, he provided the music for Hair, Cats, Chorus Line...Since then, touring is a part of PC’s life.


He has performed especially in Europe and Canada with bands like AIFred&the Acid Soul Connection, jazzfusion Trio Latino, platinium awards band Sweet People, pop rock Taboo and Laurence Revey, the barefoot ethno singer among others.


MrPC played in the weekly radio show called A Vous La Chanson, also the saturday night TV-show Generations and Premiere Scene. He sang on the TV-commercial Bounty.

You may have seen him playing in Paris musicals Irma la Douce or Frou Frou les Bains. performing with the International Center of Percussions and with Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne.

Pierangelo recorded the soundtrack of the Italian movie Azzuro with Paolo Villagio which received international awards. Also he recorded movie-soundtrack HandyMan, with Marco Rima.


MrPC recorded in many famous studios in Europa and North America under the artistic direction of producers like Hugh Padgham, Stefan Galvas, Harris Jons and Chris Birkett .


Pierangelo played in the amazing show Nights of Guitars directed by Sladko Perica, beside that he played with pop French singer Alenko  and latino singer Gabriela Bergallo from Argentina.

In the middle 2000 he  toured  with a new project of groove-jazz named Injaztigator. and was musical director with Eldissa, transforming disco-music standards in lounge-bossanova, which was a big hit in Asia. Talking about Asia, he has just recorded the last album of Susan Wong from China.


He had had the opportunity to play around the world with DJ Bobo, world music award with the song Chihuahua. During this period, the DJ Bobo band performed also with Sandra, Culture Beat and Real Mc Coy.


In 2011 PC was involved in the production and recording for new talent Bastian Baker. The success started with the huge radio hit “Lucky”.


For the past few years Pierangelo plays in the Music Session directed by Phil Dankner which brings together artists of R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, Rock and Pop like America's Got Talent Michael Grimm, Marc Broussard, Roachford, Paolo Mendonca, Rolf Stahlhofen, Anthony Moriah, Chinua Hawk, Lisa Millet, Marco Rima, Nubya, Michael von der Heide, Gotthard singer Steve Lee, Kandlbauer, Adrian Stern, Myron, Seven, Marc Sway, rapper Bligg, Steff La Cheffe, Alain Clarke, Joannes Oerding, Gregor Meyle, Anna Kaenzig, Jaz Ellington and many other great talents


During all this time, MrPC has been lucky enough to go on tour with famous American artists such as Marc Broussard, bluesmen Larry Garner and Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin, Robert Lee Nelson, the harmonica player of John Lee Hooker, pianist Doug Duffey, great entertainer Larry Woodley, Canadian singer Bob Walsh and Irish guitarist Jimmy Smyth.

Also he had the chance to perform with Patato Valdes Big Band from Santana, Joe Walsh from Eagles, Chaka Khan and Gilberto Gil among others.


At the Montreux Jazz Festival, PC had the honor to play with jazzfusion guitar-player Mike Stern, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri and drummer Steve Smith, a special show organized by Yamaha Instruments.


2013 - 2015 it's for PC one of the best groovy moment : sharing the stage with the legendary Fred Wesley, trombonist with James Brown and Maceo Parker.


2015 PC records his first personal album together with Fred Wesley, Jeff Baud, Rene Mosele, Marcol Savoy and Olivier Magarotto the finest funkjazz musicians around !